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Wellness is Success and Success is Wellness

Wellness is Success and Success is Wellness

What do I mean when I say “Wellness is Success, and Success is wellness”?
Most people agree wellness is part of success,
but that is because they confuse wellness with health.
In reality, health is only a part of wellness.

One definition of good health is to be free of illness,disease or injury.
Wellness,on the other hand, is a state of being.

Success is often confused with wealth, but wealth without wellness is not success.

Success is wellness


Financial well-being is part of wellness, and therefore part of success.
Health is part of wellness,of course.
You may have an injury,disease or illness that limits your health.
You can still maximise your wellness for your circumstances.
Wellness is achieving the best possible life for yourself,
physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually,financially.
We talk about these as separate issues, but in reality they often merge together.
Not being in a healthy state in any one area can affect other areas.

How do we achieve Wellness?

Wellness, as people often say about success, is a journey, not a destination.
It is constantly trying to achieve better outcomes in all areas.
We talk about balance in our lives.
You may have seen diagrams of the wheel of balance.
That is not to say we spend an equal amount of time each day on each area.
Obviously, there may be times we need to focus on our health, or setting up a new business.
Other times, a relationship may need extra time and focus.
Let us look at each area one at a time.


Some aspects of our health we may have no control over.
A permanent injury, a chronic illness.
What we can do is make sure we are as well as we can be.
A big part of that is nutrition and exercise.
No secret there,is there?
These days, we mostly know what we should be eating,
but we still choose our food for taste.
Think about this.
Taste lasts a few seconds.
What that food does to your body, good or bad, lasts months or years.
Learn about nutrition, feed your body what it needs for optimum health.
Do appropriate exercise for your present condition.
Get a good program, and don’t forget the importance of proper recovery.
Rest, relaxation, good sleep patterns are also part of this.

Mental Wellness

Once again, this is different to mental health.
Mental illness is a condition of not being “normal”,
the same as having a physical illness is not being normal.
We will not discuss here the definitions of normal and various mental illnesses.
What we are interested in here is our mental wellness.
How at peace with ourselves and our world we are.
Bad stress from the weight of day-to-day problems.
Money problems,business problems, relationship problems, can all effect our mental state.
And, you can see how this can also merge into our emotional wellness, and our spiritual wellness.


Our emotional wellness is perhaps the most critical of all.
In some ways it does not matter where we are,what condition we are in,

Wellness is success

Happiness is the key to success

if we are happy we can be considered a success.
Part of the secret of emotional wellbeing is to be happy with where you are,
and yet striving to be better.
Be grateful for what you have,even while striving for more.
Work to make your relationships better.
Husband,wife,significant other,children,parents,family,colleagues.
How do you make them better? You be better.
Want a better relationship with your wife? Be a better husband.
Be a better father,brother,sister,uncle,workmate.
And,sometimes,you just have to admit a relationship is toxic,and move away from it.


Our spiritual wellbeing can affect other areas of our life, as well.
If we are religious, this could be our spirituality,
but there other belief systems other than organised religion.
The best way to ensure your spiritual wellness is to find your purpose in life.
Once you know your true purpose, your reason for being,
it is so much easier to attune the other aspects of your life’
When you have a sense of purpose,you will face each day with renewed enthusiasm.
Doing things in line with your sense of purpose will improve your emotional and mental state,
which in turn has been shown to have a beneficial affect on your physical wellness.


Because all aspects are interconnected,
the better you are doing in the other aspects,
the more likely success is financially.
A healthy,happy,mentally and emotionally confident person attracts success to them.
People like to be around them,they like to join them,help them,mentor them.
They are more likely to be promoted,to sell more,to recruit more.
Finding a career,either as employee or business owner,
that is in line with your life purpose,is vital.
Being morally confident in your company or product flows through to your other aspects of wellness.

A Journey,Not a Destination

Like most of us,I suppose, most of my life I just went with the flow.
No real plan,no goal, no spiritual awareness.
Having rejected formal religion, I had not replaced it with anything else.
Only recently have I begun to see how it all connects together.
I discovered a reason for being, and have begun working toward it.
I have found a platform that will help me in my life purpose.
Yes, I want to have a better life materially,
but I also want to make the world a better place.
I want to help others achieve their wellness.
I am helping those less fortunate than me.
I am helping improve the planet we live on.

You can join me by clicking this link

Let your motivation create your habits

Let your motivation create your habits

Motivation can be defined as the emotion that causes us to perform a particular action.Motivation (2)
We all know about dream building and goal setting to achieve our desired results.
We create this motivation by attaching our emotions to the desired result,
to encourage us to perform the necessary tasks to achieve that result.
The problem is, the emotion, and therefore the motivation,does not last.

Bad use of motivation

Because most of us lack discipline, we tend to use motivation in a very stop start way.
We get some sort of emotional boost, jump into some furious activity,
and in a short while we run out of energy and stop.
Gyms have record numbers just after New Year,
cigarette sales drop for a week or so.
Once the emotion of the New Year resolution drops off, so does the commitment.motivation

Use motivation with discipline

Instead of using motivation to inspire a short burst of unsustainable activity,
use it instead to set up habits and systems that will allow you to continue the activities.
They say it takes 21 days to create new habits, or break old ones.
So,while you are motivated, make a list of the things you need to do on a regular basis to achieve your desired result.
Set up some support systems to help you maintain commitment.

Support system ideas

One way to keep yourself on track is to involve others.
The “buddy system” has you partnering with another person to do activities together.
You can work with a team member, a friend, or even your spouse.

Another way is an accountability partner,usually a mentor.
You report your activity and results to this person on a regular schedule.
They give you encouragement and feedback, and when necessary, remind you of your “why”.commitment

You could even go public,telling friends and family,even social media.
The motivation here is the huge embarassment that will follow if you quit.

Ways to maintain your motivation.

And here we are back to dream building again.
In order to keep going with our habits, we need to remind ourselves constantly of our “why”.
We need to feed the emotion to keep it alive.
Part of this is visualisation.
Have a dream board with pictures of your desired results.
Travel, cars,houses,charities, whatever your desires are.
Visit display homes,car dealers,boat yards.
Feel the emotions.


Create a mindset of gratitude and acceptance.
Be grateful for everything you have.
Write out your dreams and goals daily as if you have them already.
Do the things you wish to achieve in small ways now.
This helps create in your mind that you have already achieved these things, and you are grateful for them.
If your dream is to give to charity, then give what you can now.
Take a walk in a park,stroll along a beach,have a picnic with your special one.
Let your motivation create your habits.

My dream, my why, is to in some small way make the world a better place.
My wife and I, both through our personal causes and our business,
help to feed and educate underprivileged children around the world,
and contribute to projects to help the environment.

You can join us at


Change Yourself and Change the World

Change Yourself and Change the World

So many times I hear people wish the world was a better place.

change yourself and change the world

change yourself and change the world

Facebook status’s (statii?) by the dozen bemoan this and that.
Well, there is only one person in the world we have control over.
We may have some influence over others, our children for example.

And the biggest influence we have on anybody, is not our words,
but our actions.
My words alone in this blog will have very little influence on anyone,
if they do not know something about me.
By the very nature of this blog, and the industry I am in,
I am helping people to become better people, and have better lives.
And, in order to do that, I have to constantly stretch to be more,
to do more, to know more.
By making me a better me, I have a greater chance of helping others,
to grow, to learn, to change for the better.
And, hopefully, those I have helped will help others.4 secrets to manifesting your dream lifestyle
And, if enough of us change, then perhaps our influence will help still others.
And, perhaps we can change the world, one person at a time.

So, don’t try and change the world, just work on changing yourself.
Develop an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for all that you have,
and all that you are receiving.
Know that you are a person worthy of success, and love.
Do meditation to take the stress and anger out of your life.
Look for mindset training to overcome the programmed thinking in your sub-conscious.
I use a program called “Mind Movies” to help visaulise my goals and create a better mindset.


We all have self limiting thoughts,
mental (or emotional) blocks that stop us achieving our full potential.
If we can retrain our subconscious and remove these limits, anything is possible.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally, so you can love others the same way.
Loving someone does not mean condoning their actions, or agreeing with their beliefs,
but, rather, loving them despite that.

I am also in a business that has a large aim,to really change the world.

Doing good with every purchase

Doing good with every purchase

Part of every transaction from our shopping community goes to our world changing projects.
We help educate young people in underprivileged communities worldwide.
We also have projects to benefit the environment.
So, we truly do good with every purchase.

To find out more about how you can help us make the world a better place,

click this link.


Know Your Why

Know Your Why

A very important part of becoming successful in any field is knowing why you want it.Know your why
You have to know why you are doing the hard work.
You have to know why you try again when you fail.
It is not enough to say you want plenty of money.
You have to know, what will that money mean to you?
What things and experiences will it buy you?
What will be your definition of success?

Here are some questions to help with the process.

1.What Four things have you already accomplished that you are proud of?

I find this a very powerful question.
The things you have achieved in the past that you are proud of,
may be clues to what will be satisfying in the future.
It may not be the achievement itself that is important,
but what you had to do to achieve it.

2. Make a list of things you want in the next 10 years

Experiences, travel, business goals, family, individual rewards.
Some people say to set a number here,50,100. I think the number is irrelevant,really.
The important thing is the passion with which you want those things.
A few things you are really paasionate about are more important than a hundred lukewarm wishes.

3. Look at each item and give it 1, 3, 5, 10 years to accomplish…

Count how many you have in each year
1 Year ________ 3Years__________ 5 Years __________ 10 Years_______

Make sure you have some long range goals,
there should be a balance between short term and long term goals.

4.Look at your list and pick out the most important in your 1 year list.

Why are these goals important to you?

5.What kind of person must I become to achieve all I want?

This is the million dollar question.
The true purpose of goals is in who you have to become to achieve them.

When someone becomes a millionaire, the least important thing is what they have.Know your why
The most important thing is what they have become.
– Jim Rohn

How to Set and Reach your Goals

1.Determine Your Position by asking yourself:

Where am I now?
Where am I going?

2.Define Your Purpose by asking yourself:

What do I want to have?
What do I want to do?
Who would I like to be?
Who would I like to help?

If I had________________, I would____________________________.
This is an interesting statement.You hear it often.
If you want to be a generous person and give to charity,do it now.
Don’t wait until it won’t hurt.Give what you can now. Don’t be stupid about it.
But,look at things you may give up,in order to give to someone else. Be a giver.
If you want to travel, do what you can now. A day trip here, a weekend there.
Create the expectation in your mind that these things are happening.

3.Describe the Benefit.

What is it going to look like when you achieve your goals? What will you feel?
Who else will benefit?

4.Pursue with Desire

Actively set out to achieve your goals with your dreams in mind.

Watch out for Dream Busters:

Family – they truly want to protect us from failure.
Friends – use logic and reason to make you doubt yourself.
This is also under the guise of caring for you trying to protect you from failure.
Fatigue – makes us doubt our decisions, makes us pessimistic and negative.
Fear – of failure.

Don’t try to analyze and solve all problems now….. Take one day at a time, one problem at a time!

The Power of Dreams

The greatest potential power in our lives is the ability to dream.
Our dreams reflect the life we wish to live.
When we allow our dreams to guide us,
it builds a creative force within us that moves any obstacles in our way.
Dreams do cost us – they make us accountable.
We cannot be afraid to fail – nor should we!
Mistakes teach you and should inspire you to be better.
Don’t be afraid of criticism – it’s constructive!
So, don’t let it discourage you, and instead use it to drive you to success.

Vague Dreams – Keep you going without accomplishing much.
They can’t be measured and as such,
they will never be achieved because you don’t know where you are going.

Specific Dreams – Can be measured.
So, you know exactly where you are going and you know when you have reached your goal.
This gives you a sense of satisfaction and keeps you focused –
this will pull you past obstacles in the future.

5.Diagnose the Problem

Why don’t I have__________?
What are the obstacles in my way?

6.Design a plan

What are the methods and tools needed?
Who is my mentor(s)?

7.Discipline my Personality

What do I need to change?
Habits-create good ones,overcome old ones
Character -what are my strengths and weaknesses?
You may benefit from discussing this with someone who knows you well.
Hopefully, they will give you an honest appraisal.
Do not get defensive or angry at any criticism.
Rather, ask why they have that opinion.
What behaviour of yours gave them that impression.
You can then evaluate their opinion, and decide how valid it is.
You can then decide to alter your behaviour or attitude if needed.

8.Deposit the Price

What will it cost? Money,time,effort?
What am I willing to sacrifice?
Will it be worth it?

9.Depend on People

Who can I involve?
Everyone needs at least one person to help them accomplish their goals,
someone to be accountable with…..Search for that person!

Problems are never the problem…
it is our response to the problem that is the problem.
We have the ability to choose how we respond.
We are the only creature on earth with the ability to choose our attitude – choose wisely!Know your why

This article is based on a goal setting workshop I did a few years ago.
I have added some thoughts of my own,based on further learning and experience.
Before you can achieve anything worthwhile in life,
you must Know Your Why.

If you are still looking for a vehicle to take you where you want to go,
join me at

Let me show you a plan to shop your way to a 6 figure income in 12 months.


5 Questions to ask yourself before starting Network Marketing Business

5 Questions to ask yourself before starting Network Marketing Business

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before starting network marketing business,
that may save you a lot of wasted time and effort.

1 Why?

Why do you want to start in networking? What do you want from life that you do not have,5 Questions to ask yourself before starting Network Marketing Business
or cannot get now, that you think you can get from networking?
If your reason is not strong, an intense desire, then networking is probably not for you.
But, if you have something you want with a real passion,
something that will give you strength when you need it,
something that will help you overcome the rejections and dissappointments,
then read on.

2 Is this opportunity the right one for me?

Some people will tell you, you don’t have to be passionate about what you do, just the results.
Problem is, most people won’t get results, if they are not 100% convinced about what they are selling.
And, you have to like what you are doing.
If you have no interest in nutrition,healthy eating, exercise,
it is not much good getting into a weight loss business.

3 Can I do this?

The first thing to find out here, is whether your sponsor has had success,
or is close to somebody who has.
How much training and support is there, and is it easily teachable to others.
You don’t want to be the expert in your team,
except to be able to tell them where to find what they need.
The simpler the system is for you to learn, the easier it is for your team to learn.

4 Who will I have to become to succeed at this?

And by that, I don’t mean all the negative things people say about successful people.5 Questions to ask yourself before starting Network Marketing Business 1
I mean, if you are curently worth $1000/week, what do you need to learn,personally,
to be worth the lifestyle you want?
There is more to networking than learning products, and closing scripts.
Does this opportunity I am looking at have good personal development training?
Will I have access to mentors who can change my thinking, my subconscious thought patterns,
from what has got me to where I am, to what I will need to get me where I am going?

5 Who will benefit if I succeed at this?

Obviously, you will.Who else? Family? Community? Church? Charities?
Do not say, I will give generously when I am rich.
Start giving now, what you can afford, with out being stupid about it.
Be grateful for what you have, always, and share what you can,
time and/or money.

Now, I have an opportunity that ticks all these boxes for me,
but that doesn’t mean it is for you.
I am passionate about what I do here.
I love helping people to achieve their dreams,
to change their thinking and their lives.
I have a wonderful mentor whose training,especially in personal development,
has literally changed my life.

I know that by being successful in what I do,
I will have helped many others to change their lives.

But, is it for you?



Defining Personal Core Values

Defining Personal Core Values

Defining Personal Core Values is a very important component of personal development.

Defining Personal Core Values

Defining Personal Core Values

Our Core Values are those things that ultimately define us as a person.
The things that we believe are important should guide us in all that we do.
If our behaviour is out of step with those core beliefs,we will be unhappy,
and quite possibly unhealthy due to the stress of the conflict within ourselves.
So, how do we know what our core values are?
Often, they are emotional concepts that are hard to clearly describe in words.
You might say “Family” is important to you,
but that word could mean a far different mental and emotional picture to somebody else.
To help you decide what your most important beliefs are,
take some time to think about your past.
What were you doing during the happiest times of your life?
Is there a common theme or themes to all the happiest times?
What about the times in your life you felt least happy.
What was making you uncomfortable during those times?
What were you doing, that you did not feel right with?
What things made you proudest, gave you a sense of achievment?
What things have you felt ashamed of?
Most likely, the good times were when you were in step with your core beliefs,
and the bad times were when you were doing something that went against those beliefs.

Below is a list of words others have used to descibe these key beliefs.
Remember, these are just words, and the only importance they have,
is the emotional picture they represent to you.

Common Personal Values

Accomplishment, Success,Accountability,Accuracy,Adventure,
Beauty,Calm, quietude, peace,Challenge,Change,Charity,Cleanliness, orderliness
Concern for others,Connection,Content over form,Continuous improvement
Cooperation,Coordination,Creativity,Customer satisfaction
Decisiveness,Determination,Delight of being, joy
Ease of Use,Efficiency,Enjoyment,Equality,Excellence
Fairness,Faith,Faithfulness,Family,Family feeling,Flair
Freedom, Liberty,Friendship,Fun,Generosity,Gentleness
Global view,Goodwill,Goodness,Gratitude,Hard work
Improvement,Independence,Individuality,Inner peace, calm, quietude
Justice,Kindness,Knowledge,Leadership,Love, Romance
Loyalty,Maximum utilization,(of time, resources)
Meaning,Merit,Money,Oneness,Openness,Other’s point of view, inputs
Patriotism,Peace, Non-violence,Perfection,Personal Growth
Privacy,Progress,Prosperity, Wealth
Punctuality,Quality of work,Regularity,Reliability
Resourcefulness,Respect for others,Responsiveness,Results-oriented
Rule of Law,Safety,Satisfying others,Security,Self-givingness
Self-reliance,Self-thinking,Sensitivity,Service,(to others, society)
Simplicity,Skill,Solving Problems,Speed,Spirit, Spirituality in life
Stability,Standardization,Status,Strength,Succeed; A will to-
Success, Achievement,Systemization,Teamwork,Timeliness,Tolerance

When defining personal core values for yourself,Defining Personal Core Values
remember that the closer your actions are to your beliefs,
the happier, more satisfying your life will be.

When I did this exercise for myself,
I realised that my happiest times had been in being of service.
Helping others, teaching others, had always made me feel good.
Also,giving,of my time, money,or talents.
My wife and I have supported World Vision for a long time.
It is something that makes us feel we are contributing to a better world.

And now, we have a business that combines all of these things.
I am able to show people a way to make money, while doing good.
I can help people to have a different lifestyle,
and at the same time, be making a better world, a better planet.
If you would like to know more, click this link and watch the free video.


4 Secrets to Manifesting Your Dream Lifestyle

4 Secrets to Manifesting your Dream Lifestyle

If you have seen the movie or read the book “The Secret”,
you know that manifesting your dream lifestyle is possible,
by using the Law of Attraction.
We know that we attract that which we put out.
The problem is, for many of us, what we put out is what we don’t want.4 secrets to manifesting your dream lifestyle
We broadcast our fears, and attract that which we fear.
We worry about debt, and get more debt.
Here are 4 secrets to manifesting the life you want.

Step 1. “Know” It

Successful people don’t just believe they can have whatever, do whatever they want.
They absolutely KNOW it. You only have to watch the way they walk, talk, hold themselves.
Successful people in sports, show business, business, all have the same aura of success about them.

So, how do we get that belief?
Stop thinking about what you don’t have, what you think you can’t do.
Focus on what you do have, and what you WILL have.
Visualize all the great things you will do, when the wealth you desire appears in your life.
And start now, to do some of those things.
Maybe you cannot give much to charity now, but give something.
Help others in whatever way you can for now,
while visualising how many you can help in the future.
Maybe you cannot have an overseas trip yet,
but you can pack a picnic and an inexpensive bottle of wine.
Little steps create belief; each success will reinforce the belief.

Step 2. “Act” like it

This follows on from “knowing” you will have what you desire.
Now, I am not telling you to live in a fantasy world, to spend money you do not yet have.
Don’t quit your job, or tell your boss what you think of him just yet.
But, start acting like you are the person who deserves the things you desire.
To manifest your dream lifestyle, you need to feel and sense what it will be like when it happens.

Step 3. “Do” Something

Successful people never hesitate to take action.
Just sitting there dreaming will not achieve your desires.
Start taking steps to move you toward where you want to be.
Find someone who is already there, and follow what they did.
In some ways, it doesn’t matter what you do,
success may come from something else entirely different.
The main thing is to have the right mindset, and believe that you will succeed.
Overcome procrastination, or the feeling of being overwhelmed,
by just taking the first small step, then the next.

Celebrate each small success. Make the rewards appropriate to the success,
and share them with your team, your family, make them part of it.

Step 4. Be “Thankful”

In many ways, I think this should be step 1.4 secrets to manifesting your dream lifestyle
If you are grateful for what you already have,
even though it may not be much,
you are more likely to receive more.
If you are alive, no matter what your circumstances,
you have something to be thankful for.
When you begin to be grateful, you will notice good things more,
and the thoughts you send out will be more positive.
Positive thoughts, combined with your deliberate visualisation thoughts,
will send a much stronger message to the universe, and the universe will respond in kind.

Now, I know most people won’t believe any of this.
The funny thing is, most of the world is creating the life they don’t want,
using the Law of Attraction, even if they are unaware of its existence.
How many of us know people, who have one bad relationship after another,
who continually attract into their lives the same sort of person?
And each bad experience reinforces their belief that it will happen again.

By actively applying these 4 “secrets, you can begin manifesting your dream lifestyle.

And,if you do not yet have the plan for getting the lifestyle you want,
check out the free video at


Will 2015 be a better year for you?

Will 2015 be a Better year for you?

I hear so many people saying,I am glad this year is over.
Bring on the New Year.
Does that mean those who had a “good ” year want to stop the clock?
Does the mere fact the clock ticks past midnight on the 31st December alter anything?Will 2015 be a better year for you

There is a saying, that nothing changes until you do.

Here are some thoughts on how to make 2015 be a better year for you.


“To be content does not mean that you don’t desire more,
it means you are thankful for what you have and patient for what is to come”

This is a great quote,that truly sums up how to be happy.
By all means want more,but not at the cost of failing to appreciate what you already have.
More money, more respect,more love,it does not matter what you want.
When you focus on “lack”,that is the vibration you send out to the universe.
And the universe responds, by giving you more “lack”.

An attitude of gratitude is the starting point for improving your life.
By being grateful for those things in your life that you want more of,
the universe will respond with more of what you are grateful for.

Start each day with a few minutes thinking of things you are grateful for.
Write them down,everyday.

Know what you want,and why.

Think about what you really want in life, and why you want it.
Who will benefit and how,if you get what you want?
Think about what you want, and why, and visualise it as if you already have it.
Be grateful for it, as though you already have it.
Do not be envious of those who already have what you want.
Rather, be happy for them, and yourself, as you will have that too.

Have a plan

Will what you are doing now,get you where you want to be?
Buying sweepstakes tickets is not really a plan,
unless you can build collossal belief that you will win.
If what you are doing now is not the answer,then find a new plan.
Whatever it is you want.
I am not just talking about money,or material things here.
Who do you really want to become?
Wanting more is really about wanting to be more.
It is not just having more.
If you become more,you will have more.

Have a mentor

Whatever your plan, find someone who is further along the path than you.
Take advice from that person, and follow it.
Do not expect them to do it for you.
It is your journey, mentors are simply there to show the way.


I have many things to be grateful for.
Everyday,I am grateful to be alive, for starters.
There were times in my life I never thought I would survive to this age.
So,yes, I am grateful to be alive.
I have a roof over my head,food in my belly,people I love, and who love me.

I know what I want, and why I want it.

I have a plan,and I am working it.

I have a mentor, who is very successful,
and she is showing me, and many others,
how to get where I want to be.

Will 2015 be a better year for you?

Find things you are grateful for.
Write them down everyday.
Know what you want and why.
Write it down everyday.
Have a plan,with daily goals and activities.
Write them down,and do them.
Have a mentor.
Follow their advice.

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


Will 2015 be a better year  for you 1

Getting free leads using Facebook

Getting free leads using Facebook

Facebook and other social media can be a good source of free leads.Free Leads
Unfortunately,most new marketers go about it all wrong.
They think it is like television, and just constantly pitch their business.
This tends to lose them friends.

Attraction marketing is the art of bringing people to us,
who see us as a solution to their particular problem.
We do this by becoming a trusted source of help and advice,
by genuinely wanting to help others.

The first thing we need to do is to set up our profile correctly.
Many new people make several mistakes.
Many people don’t want friends or family knowing what they are doing,
or they don’t want to upset them with business posts,
so they set up fake accounts,either all company and product,
or with fake profile pics, cartoons,pets, and so on.
Ask yourself,how much credibility do these sort of accounts have?
Unless you have some compelling reason for doing so,
do not seperate your business and personal profiles.
Your profile pic should be a good image, showing you as a real person.
It can be you alone, or with partner, children, or others,
as long as it shows you as a real person that others would like to meet.
Obviously in my case, I cannot pretend to be a 20 year old party animal.
I am probably not going to attract too many 20 year olds to my business.
So, I try to show my experience, wisdom(?), and humour.

The same with the cover photo.
Show yourself either in a leadership role, a lifestyle situation, a family situation.
You can show a picture of a lifestyle you would like to achieve.
Once again, I urge you not to put company or product photos there.
There are a 1000 pages about your company, there is only one YOU.
Promote you.

Your posts should be much the same.
A mixture of your activities, your interests, your beliefs, inspiration,
and of course your business.
Posts about your lifestyle,or the lifestyle you wish to achieve.
Leverage your upline,by posting about their lifestyle.
Do not continually post business adds.
Value posts can be something you have learned,some basic tips.
You may think you don’t have any knowledge to pass on,
but I guarantee, if you have started doing some courses,
you know more than those who haven’t.

Your fanpage can be almost the same as your profile.
Some people don’t even bother with fanpages,
but they have some advantages.
You have better insights into the engagement on your fanpage,
and you can use paid advertising to boost the page,or individual posts.

Facebook fanpages are free to set up.
You can create one here

Choose public figure, not business, as it is more flexible with naming.

In the about section of your personal page,put a link to your fanpage.
If you run a blog, put the link to it in the about section of your fanpage.

Once again, make the page about you.
Of course,some posts will reference your business,
but most should be interest and value posts.

If you have found some value in this post,or have any questions,
please leave a comment.


Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset is vitally important if you want to succeed in the networking business.entrepreneurial mindset
What is an Entrepreneurial mindset?
Some people have an Employee mentality, they get paid for the hours they put in.
Notice I did not say the hours they work.
An lazy employee gets paid as much as an energetic one.
He just may not keep his job as long.
An employee has little invested, except his schooling and training.

Then there is the traditional business mindset.
This business owner knows that he outlays so much money,
on rent, wages, stock, and so on, and if he has calculated correctly,
his incomings will eventually be bigger than his outgoings.
The traditional bricks and mortar business owner invests mostly money in his business,
but he expects to start getting that money back quickly,
and move into profit.

The successful entrepreneur invests in himself, his business education, his personal development.
An elite athlete invests years in building himself into what he needs to be to succeed.
Nobody pays him as a nine year old when he first starts.
Nobody pays him for years of hard work as a teenager.
And,of course,when he signs that big contract, his school friends,
the community, say he is lucky.
Maybe they are right, but only so far as he was lucky to have a dream,
to find the mentors, to have the support around him, that kept him doing the work.

Someone with an Entrepreneurial mindset knows that first he must invest in himself.
The smart ones leverage other peoples knowledge. They get mentors.
They read books, attend webinars,buy online courses and attend events held by successful people.
Most importantly, they “fiercely disqualify” anybody who is not where they want to be,
from giving them any advice on how to get there.

The Entrepreneurial mindset knows to leverage other people.
He knows the value of leveraging other peoples money, energy, and products.
He knows the value of speed, and he knows the value of persistance.
For most of us,none of this comes naturally, except perhaps the desire for more.
Not out of greed, not for material things, but to become more.
To be a better person, a more valuable person.
To be able to give more.
To be able to help more.

I am fortunate, that I have had access to some very good mentors.
They have helped me, and guided me to others.
Of course, we all also have access to some of the greats.
Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar have left a wealth of teaching behind.
Just Google their names and watch some of their Youtube videos.
Brian Tracy is another,both with videos and some great books.

The time and money you invest in developing an Entreprenuerial Mindset,
will come back to you many times over.


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